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Do you know a nurse leader that is kind, competent, and compassionate? Someone whose attitude is positive and never seems to waiver. They are tenacious in their efforts to improve processes and focus on “patient-centered” care. A person who “goes to bat” for their team members and gives open and honest feedback. A nurse who is making a mark in today’s healthcare arena by surpassing the standards of the nursing profession.

The healthcare industry has experienced many changes over the years. Through it all, nurses must continue to grow in their knowledge in order to keep up with the new demands. Nurse roles and responsibilities are ever-changing. The importance of recognizing our outstanding nursing professionals, will have a direct impact on recruitment into the profession, and improve retention efforts.

We are looking for nurses who have made a difference in their area of practice, supporting their communities and paving the path for future nurses to ensure success in positive patient outcomes.

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