Embrace the Challenge

To achieve our goals, perhaps we need to take some risks and make some changes.

As kids, we couldn’t wait to get ourselves into new adventures. Mom would grab us when we would climb onto the countertop to reach the treats. As we got older, we couldn’t wait to take the training wheels off our bikes and ride without an adult. A healthy, happy child loves to test and stretch himself. They become filled with excitement and keep challenging themselves over and over again.

However, something happens when we get older. We may have heard one too many times, “Be careful, you could get hurt!”  We learned what is emotionally and physically safe; now as adults we have become complacent with life and with ourselves. We spend our days in a cautious bubble, not trying anything new. If we did attempt something different we might fail – and then what would our friends and family think? What would we think about ourselves?

It’s time to really look at what’s going on in your life. Particularly, what is NOT going on in your life. Be honest with yourself. Remember – you create your own experiences. You make things happen.

Ask yourself these questions.

What do you want?

What must you do to have it?

How would you feel if you had it?

Be a kid again and embrace “your challenge” with excitement.


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