You can do it!

Has there been a time in your life you will never forget? A time you felt weak, frightened, inadequate, confused or so intimidated you wanted to throw in the towel with your considerable dreams and ambitions to settle for mere survival. Thankfully, a friend reached out and said, “You can do it, I believe in you.” All of a sudden, you weren’t alone, and you found the courage to go on, to keep pushing util you succeeded.

You don’t need a powerhouse personality, unusual talents, or the brain of “Einstein”. The only thing you need to succeed with what you aspire is the open-mindedness to make the effort to learn, to try new things, and have the persistence util you succeed. The truth is if you have these things you can do anything.
Everything you need lies with within you.
It doesn’t matter how overwhelming your situation or world is. Of course, life brings our way opportunities, disappointments, circumstances seemingly beyond our control but the fact of the matter is you can control these things by how you see, hear, and feel them.
Develop the natural resources inside you so you can positively give yourself the advantage to carry on with pride, gratefulness, and a full heart.
Stay tuned!

Losing yourself!

A personal productive activity might mean, cooking, blogging, hiking, organizing the garage. A personal productive activity immerses us in the here and now, a state of flow.  We become so involved with the activity it helps us grow. We learn who we are without thinking about who we might be. It can bring us in touch with our spirituality and can be a way to release and relax. Can you remember a time when you lost yourself in an activity which helped you grow as an individual?


What we have done in our past we can’t change.  Accepting this can bring relief and peace to our daily living.  We have new choices that will bring relief and peace to our daily living.  We have new choices that will cultivate a new start.  Each day offers something new.  How are we going to visualize, hear, and feel our days? What belief system will we accept to guide us? When we are facing new situations and challenges will we ask for help from our higher power, ask for help from others around us? What will bring us strength? Today is full of new possibilities.  Take a breath and be aware of what you will put into existence.


What does your day bring?

We never become separated from our past. We carry it with us forever, and it influences the decisions we make today. Our past is our root system.

Every day we live is in preparation for our future, for the lessons we will learn, continually develop us. These lessons we also offer to those around us since we touch people with our actions every day.

The experiences, past and present, are not by coincidence. We make CHOICES based on our education and values, and the choices we make play a role for what our future holds.
Being self-aware can help us attract what we desire and guide us with our choices. It is said, what we attract will never be beyond what we are capable of handling. Are you ready for what comes your way today? Have your yesterdays prepared you?

Today I choose to wag my tail.

It was about 10 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off. The room was completely dark and there was no movement in the house. I opened my eyes and did not move. Callie, a 65 pound mutt was looking directly at me in bed. When our eyes made contact, she started to wag her tail.
I didn’t move a muscle, we just made eye contact. During that moment, I came to understand that every day when Callie wakes up, she is ALWAYS happy.
While I understand that Callie doesn’t have the daily pressures that humans do, and relies solely on others for her care, she could be a crabby dog if she chose to be.
We have choices too. Are you going be happy today or crabby today?
If you choose the latter, what is your reasoning? Have a happy day!

Embrace the Challenge

To achieve our goals, perhaps we need to take some risks and make some changes.

As kids, we couldn’t wait to get ourselves into new adventures. Mom would grab us when we would climb onto the countertop to reach the treats. As we got older, we couldn’t wait to take the training wheels off our bikes and ride without an adult. A healthy, happy child loves to test and stretch himself. They become filled with excitement and keep challenging themselves over and over again.

However, something happens when we get older. We may have heard one too many times, “Be careful, you could get hurt!”  We learned what is emotionally and physically safe; now as adults we have become complacent with life and with ourselves. We spend our days in a cautious bubble, not trying anything new. If we did attempt something different we might fail – and then what would our friends and family think? What would we think about ourselves?

It’s time to really look at what’s going on in your life. Particularly, what is NOT going on in your life. Be honest with yourself. Remember – you create your own experiences. You make things happen.

Ask yourself these questions.

What do you want?

What must you do to have it?

How would you feel if you had it?

Be a kid again and embrace “your challenge” with excitement.

Make that Decision!

Changing your life consists of making decisions and using your internal belief system. For example, “I can make a change” versus “Can I make a change?”, creates a solid foundation for self-confidence. Making a strong statement and believing you can do it makes all the difference in leading you into taking action.

A starting point in taking action is to know your goal! Then, get yourself to take action by making the decision.

Never walk away from a goal without taking some type of action to make it happen. Once you begin taking action, it creates momentum to help keep the goal going.


1.  Write down a decision you know you need to do in order to make a change in your life.

2.  With your decision in mind, write down your ultimate goal.

3.  Now write down at least 3 steps that will help you to reach your goal.

How does it make you feel when you write them down? What are you willing to commit to? Where will you find the  support to carry out your goal?  What could you do instead of your old behavior to reach your new goal? How will you feel when you reach your ultimate goal?

Follow through (take action) with today’s exercise and see how you feel.


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